AxS for Providers

By automating manual tasks, making workflows more efficient, and developing a sensible connection to your patients’ mobile devices, AxS allows you to deliver care without distraction.

Digital Patient Onboarding brings patient satisfaction through an improved clinic experience, practice efficiency and streamlined record keeping, and staffing cost savings.

Telemedicine offers increased provider productivity, expansion of your practice’s footprint, improved patient access to care, staffing cost savings, and the pinnacle of patient convenience. Our platform combines asynchronous and real-time video, for the most efficient impact.

Digital Patient Engagement transitions your practice from dependence on office phone systems to digital mobile communication, driving improved patient communication, increased patient satisfaction, practice efficiency and staffing cost savings.

Game-changing Simplicity

  • Digital Patient Onboarding
    Taking patient registration and onboarding forms and making them digital is a piece of cake. What sets us apart from the competition is our automated clinic note. As soon as a patient submits their forms, the chart is ready for their physical examination.
  • Telemedicine
    Telemedicine allows providers to deliver the same excellent care to patients near and far, without building additional offices. Asynchronous telemedicine platform is efficient from start to finish, allowing for the greatest convenience to patients and most impactful ROI for providers.
  • Appointment Reminders
    Sometimes, a simple reminder just isn’t enough. That’s why AxS’ appointment reminders require a patient to confirm their appointment or reschedule. A non-response means more reminders, until the appointment is either confirmed or cancelled.
  • Digital Appointment Booking
    Allowing patients to book appointments via the AxS Health App means greater exposure without additional advertising or staffing costs. Reduce phone line traffic by referring patients to the online platform and enjoy automated benefits checks and pre-payment.
  • Patient Surveying
    Not only required for reporting to the powers that be, patient satisfaction surveys and reported outcomes tools allow for practices to constantly improve.
  • Digital Patient Messaging
    Patients love the convenience of using a single mobile app to reach your practice. That’s why we looped in digital patient messaging, along with telemedicine and appointment booking, into a single platform.

What Doctors Like about AxS

  • Digital Patient Onboarding
    When patients aren’t waiting in the waiting room filling out forms, and are able to fill information out on their own time, their experience can be drastically improved. Physicians note: Happy patients often equal a happy practice.
  • Post-Operative Telemedicine
    What surgeon doesn’t want to deliver excellent care, conveniently? Replacing select post-operative in-office visits with telemedicine visits offers the ultimate advance in patient convenience, while driving cost savings for the practice, and opening slots for new patients.
  • Follow Up Telemedicine
    Similar to post-operative telemedicine, it shows great care for the patient experience for physicians to select appropriate patients for follow up visits via telemedicine. Providers then notice increased patient satisfaction, while creating additional appointment availability.
  • Automated Clinic Note
    AxS takes patients’ information and deposits it into the EHR, automatically creating a clinic note. This templated automation helps make every clinic a well oiled machine when it comes to patient intake – both for in-person and telemedicine appointments.
  • Fewer Distracting Phone Calls
    Patients inquiring about the status of an authorization? Or wanting to let you know they’ve had their imaging completed? Or wanting to follow up on a medication refill? Digital patient messaging allows staff to quickly respond to patient concerns, while patients spend less time waiting on the phone listening to hold music.

Seeing patients doesn't have to be complicated.

Access and convenience are the top priorities for patients. But how can providers offer access and convenience, when they’re laden with requirements and paperwork? AxS Health has found that addressing a few critical workflow friction points quickly fixes a number of frustrations for patients, allowing providers to exceed their expectations. Because we’re cutting as much red tape as possible, automating tasks and streamlining processes, providers can be sure  – AxS is the most convenient way to deliver excellent care.

What Does AxS Look Like for Staff?

What Does AxS Look Like for Providers?