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You're looking for excellent care, conveniently.

We’re bringing quality doctors and patients together in the most efficient, transparent way possible. AxS, pronounced access, is about just that: making it easy and convenient for patients like you to get the care they need. We’ve found that most frustrations with healthcare stem from inefficiency. A few simple changes can make a world of a difference for you, and your providers.

  • Convenient Telemedicine
  • Digital Registration Forms
  • Rx to Preferred Pharmacy
  • Easy Return Visit Prep
  • Practice Messaging on Mobile
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Pre-Pay for Appointments
  • Mobile-App Treatment Plans

A Platform You'll Love

Envision visitng a practice where:

  • You fill out registration forms on your time, not in a waiting room
  • Your appointment occurs on time, every time
  • You can reach your physician’s staff easily through a mobile app
  • Appointment reminders allow you to easily confirm or reschedule

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