AxS Appointment

AxS Appointment are a convenient way to communicate with your care team. You can use your smartphone or tablet as a secure and convenient alternative for phone calls or clinic visits.

Using the app, you will answer questions from your care team, just like you would if you were in the office for a clinic visit. You may even share pictures, or chat via video with your provider.

After all information is gathered in the app, your care team will:

  • review your condition
  • answer your questions
  • send you helpful information specific to your condition
  • direct your continued care

Once your visit is over, you’ll have no papers to lose – your care plan is kept securely in the app for you!

Need help with a telemedicine visit?

How does an AxS Appointment work?

When Your Appointment Is Scheduled

When your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a link to download the app. You can also search for “AxS Health App” in the iTunes App store or Google Play store.

Create an account with your name, username, and a few basic details. Verify your cell phone number, and add your care team member using the referral code you were given at the office. (Lost your referral code? Reach out to your care team for help.)

The Evening Before Your Appointment

The evening before your appointment, you will receive a text message with a link. Click the link to open the app and answer questions from your care team. You’ll receive a reminder the morning-of and one hour before your appointment time if you haven’t completed the questions by then.

At Your Appointment Time

At your appointment time, your care team will review your answers and  determine your next steps. Keep your phone close around your appointment time so that you are available to connect further with your care team – either through message or video.

You will receive a notification to open the app when you have information from your care team. A red dot will appear in the upper right corner of the home screen. Click there to view your care team’s reply.

Remember, you must enable notifications in order for your care team to connect with you.

After the visit, you can review your interaction, documents, and treatment plans under “My Visits.”